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Interesting newspaper articles about EVOO or other local interests

Why Greek olive oil? What is it that makes Greek olive oil so unique?

There are over 800 million olive trees in the world, which makes the olive one of the most extensively cultivated fruit crops in the world. The ten largest producing countries are all located near the Mediterranean. Olive oil production in the world in 2014 was 2.82 million tons, of tuzen canadian pharmacy which just over 10%, at 0.3 million tones originated in Greece (Reference: Food and Agricultural Organization,, with only Spain and Italy producing more. However, production rates do not describe the benefits of Greek Olive Oil versus other sources, as a more in depth look reveals the true answer should look at the consistent quality and the traits specific to Greece. First, Greece is very much enamored with the olive for ages. Olive oil is a very important part of Greek nutrition and the Greek consumer is very particular...
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Our Interview from the International Herald – Greece

Our interview to the International
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Herald Newspaper - Greece October 19 2013 Pages 4 and 15...
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