Only the Highest Quality Olives From Local Greek Farms

I would like to introduce our truly special products.

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight from a small collective in Southern Greece, bypassing the large industrial producers

A special Greek Vinaigrette Salad Dressing using this same premium oil among other quality ingredients, and


The fruit that makes the above possible – The Kalamata Olive.  Seed and unseeded varieties are available.

Our Olives are the Difference

These olives are sought after all over the world for the taste and quality.  Large distributors of olive oil cannot solely provide the best quality first press olive oils, simply because there is not enough of the highest quality olive oils available. Likewise, enough oil is not available to make the best salad dressings.

Olive Oil is one of the three essential foods – grain /sitos, wine /oinos, olive oil / elaion of ancient civilizations. Olive oil is the most characteristic product of the Mediterranean area and a principal ingredient in their diet for innumerable centuries. Over time, the production of quality olive oil has become a cultural tradition and its taste cultivated to a delightful perfection.

This olive oil is produced in Southern Greece (Lakonia -Peloponnesus), in an area known to produce quality olives for thousands of years. This area is located among scenic dry mountains and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea – a climate ideal for olives. The careful cultivation of the olive trees and the superior methods used to refine the olives gives the best tasting and best quality olive oil available.

This versatile olive oil can enhance your choices of herbs and spices used in marinating and grilling. It may also be used as a healthy alternative from using butter in your baking
needs. Still, this high quality oil is more suited for times when a premium extra virgin olive oil is needed, such as in breads and salads. Please enjoy this quality olive oil with our compliments.