Since 2008, Katerina’s Finest trades, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives pitted and non-pitted, and olive oil based soap from southern Greece near the area of Sparta – Lakonia.  Lakonia is located among scenic dry mountains and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, this area produces quality olives for thousands of years in a climate ideal for olives. The careful cultivation of the olive trees and the superior methods (only mechanical) used to extract the oil from the olives, make the best tasting and best quality olive oil.

Katerina’s Finest also makes a Greek salad Dressing / Vinaigrette in Lancaster, PA, using the same Greek extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a blend of dry herbs and spices.  We do not add any water, emulsifiers, canola oil, or sugar and this salad dressing is gluten free.  Katerina’s Finest strives to provide the best olive oil products to Enhance Your Dining Experience.