Olive oil is one of the most popular types of oils on the market, and it is also versatile and healthy. For some countries, olive oil is more than merely a condiment, cooking staple, or healthy option, is a source of revenue. In fact, for places like Spain, Italy and Morocco (the top three olive oil producing countries), olive oil is a major export and source of revenues.

So, what does olive oil production by country look like? The olive oil production list shows a wide range of production levels. That includes those aforementioned major producers to countries like Ireland, Poland, and Sweden that produce exactly zero tons (or any at all). Here is a look at the olive oil production by country list in tons of production per country.

Country Olive Oil Production (Tons)

CountryProduction 2023-2024

As the olive oil production by country list reflects, there are more than a few countries that produce little to no olive oil. There are also a considerable number of countries that produce sizable quantities of olive oil, but not on the scale of the leading producers.

Olive oil is a highly sought after product, and the higher the quality the more people are willing to pay. So it is no surprise that some of the highest quality olive oil in the world comes from the world’s leading olive oil exporters. From cooking to salad dressings to offering healthier oil options, olive oil is a popular and valuable commodity.

The appreciation and popularity of olive oil also proves the supply and demand theory, as Spain and Italy combine to produce about 8 million tons of olive oil annually. Yes, olive oil is a valuable commodity, and considerably more valuable for some countries.

– Data from 2023-24 and 2022-23 are non-final and could change slightly once finalized totals become available.
– In addition to the listed countries, unlisted countries produced an estimate 15,500 tons of olive oil per year from 2020-2023.

Source: Olive Oil Production by Country 2024 (worldpopulationreview.com)


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